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School Signs

The first impression for visitors, parents, children and VIPs get of a school is from it's sign. A tatty, worn and unloved example will plant a seed and thought-process that will require a lot more than a cloth to clean up. Bits missing, mould, general wear and tear and vandalism will create a picture parents won’t want their children painting...


On the other hand, a pristine, clean, well designed and manufactured school sign will indicate class, attention to detail, and a caring nature; an absolutely vital component when it comes to looking after children.

Even the posts and fastenings materials are important.

And, there are the idiosyncrasies of each school, and what they want to convey to visitors. Should their sign display that healthy eating is high on the agenda? Do they have a specialism, such as sports or a science discipline they want to publicise? Is there a high Ofsted mark the public need to know about?

Also, there are different font considerations, depending on the age group. A nursery/infant school will need bright, primary colours and warmer, less ‘serious’, lettering. A primary school will require an air of authority and respectability, whilst retaining an element of fun. Secondary schools are an entirely different kettle of fish.

Children taking tentative steps to adulthood need to be reminded as they enter their school buildings that this is serious business. Alongside health, education is the most important element of their life for the duration of their school career. Now is the time for solid structures, bold emblems, crisp wording and mission statements. And the name of the head teacher and caretaker.

We can advise on durability considerations, use UV resistant ink if required and suggest suitable material to blend in with the surroundings.

Whether it’s panel signage, acrylic lettering, logo and motto positioning or a choosing the correct posts to suit your sign, Commercial Sign Shop is here to help.