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Restaurant Signs

At the Design Your Sign, we have a whole smorgasbord of restaurant signage available to ensure your business receives a bigger piece of the pie. They are many different restaurant sign options available…

External sign

A restaurant sign or fascia above the outside of your premises, on the window, or a side wall, is the first thing a customer sees before entering an establishment. If you don’t take much effort with your signage, how can one possibly expect a luscious lobster thermador, a scrumptious soufflé or a recognisable risotto?

Vinyl lettering

A commonly used material for signmakers, vinyl lettering can easily be applied to fascias and is relatively cost effective, and easy to work with too. It’s flexible enough to incorporate with most designs – e.g. a big cut-out chicken, a huge vegetable, a Frenchman – and ideal as a back-up plan should other materials prove out of your budget.


If you really want your eaterie to taste success, how about a fully illuminated sign? It doesn’t have to be gaudy, like a fast food restaurant. ‘Halo-lit’ is a subtle and effective method of clearly displaying the name of an establishment. Letters are fabricated, making a hollow, metal 3D structure, fitted with LED lights inside. You can even create a silhouette against a wall.

Flat-cut letters

Transform a blank wall or brickwork by using flat-cut letters to spell out your restaurant’s name. We can make the letters from a huge range of materials; to suit the environment, and budget.

Our faithful letter cutting machine, Nigel, will turn your vision in to a reality.

Frosted window graphics

For a particularly subtle and classy look, an etched-glass effect is a very effective method of creating intimacy and privacy, while casually advertising your company too.

Etched vinyl film is cut with precision – but not by Nigel – and then applied to the inside of the window which faces out onto the street, protecting the film from vandals, and the elements.