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Restaurant Signs

Custom Restaurant Signs

When it comes to restaurants, the best way to push more sales is to simply let your guests know what you have on offer. Custom restaurant signs are an excellent way to attract new customers and increase sales. Restaurant signs are perfect for announcing special deals, helping passers-by spot your restaurant from the street, and are, of course, great for reinforcing your brand.

Here at Design Your Sign, we offer a wide range of customisable restaurant signs which can help your restaurant stand out. Our Wooden A-Board sign is perfect for placing outside your restaurant to draw attention, despite offering a natural and simplistic look. This sign can be made with your logo and you can use custom paper advertising on top to advertise events, special offers or even just a quote of the day.

For those late-night establishments and sit-in dinner locations, illuminated signs can help you stand out and let your guests know that you are indeed open for business. These illuminated signs can come with a “halo-lit,” subtle light that can highlight your sign and draw the eye without being too brash. You could even create a silhouette against the wall of your building to really stand out and look high-class.

For restaurants who want a subtler look to their signage, frosted window graphics are the way to go. This etched-glass effect will help you advertise your business while simultaneously adding extra privacy to your guests.

Get in touch today and we’ll help you design a custom sign that’s perfect for branding your restaurant and making it stand out from its competitors.