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Office Signs

When it comes to signs, we have vast experience of helping our customers help their customers. It’s our bread and butter, and we take immense pride in playing an active part in every element of process.

Over the years, we’ve found customers are much happier when they are kept informed, and consulted on important decisions.

The difference between good and bad signage is immediately noticeable. What does this do to a potential customer? It normally results in them walking in the other direction, or having severe doubts before even engaging in conversation with one of your company representatives.

Getting it right is paramount…

Door signs

What’s behind the door? It could be anything. You can tell the person about to enter whatever you like by using an engraved sign, illuminated sign, a slider on the sign, wood, plastic, metal, in a huge array of colours… so many options.

It’s not just the aesthetics you need to get correct… Know your possessives from your plurals and don’t fall in to the classic trap. For example, it’s ‘men’s’ and ‘women’s’ on conveniences. ‘Men’ and ‘women’ is plural for man and woman. Apostrophe ‘s’ indicates possession.

Ask the team to check everything is shipshape and Bristol fashion before asking Nigel to cut any letters.

Hanging signs

A hanging sign adds a touch of class to a business frontage or façade, allowing visibility from both sides, as opposed to just one on a wall or door. Perfect for roadside establishments such as a pub, hotel, B & B, or shop, wrought iron wall brackets are an ideal finishing touch.

We can investigate the potential materials for you and recommend what works best in a particular environment.

Wall mounted signs

Our all our signs are of the highest quality and durability.

At the Design Your Sign, we manufacture a huge variety of wall-mounted sign, and have worked with companies of all shapes and sizes, from individuals and small start-ups, to established family businesses and large multi-nationals.

We make signs from a huge range of materials including glass, aluminium, wood, steel, acrylic, brass, hardwood, aluminium composite and foamex, and fit the finished article either flush to the wall, or by incorporating what is known as ‘stand-off’ barrel fixings. This allows the sign to sit slightly off the wall, for a more stylish look.

Whatever look you are after, contact our team for a chat and to find out more about our service.