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Illuminated LED Signs

LED signs can be used as displays in your store to guide customers around, they can be used in your office as a company logo and they can even be used to highlight yourself during a public event or trade show. Whatever the situation is, illuminated LED signs are versatile, come in a range of different styles and are fantastic for business visibility.

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Why Choose Design Your Sign?

Our signs are incredibly sturdy, detailed and offer customers many unique ways to customise their LED signage. Custom LED signs are a brilliant way to help your business stand out and with their affordability, they’re a worthwhile investment for all companies. We also offer fast delivery for all of our customers and a Fast Track service for anyone that needs to get their sign delivered as quickly as possible.

Whether you’re looking for an outdoor LED sign to brighten up your curb appeal or a customised LED sign in your store to advertise your products, we offer a range of excellent products and dedicated customer service to make the entire process easy for you.