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CCTV Signs

CCTV signs are important when attempting to prevent thieves from potentially targeting your premises. If your business uses CCTV, it's a legal requirement to tell people that they're being recorded. This is done by displaying signs where they're clearly visible and readable by any visitors who may come to your premises. All our CCTV signs are compliant with the Data Protection Act. We also offer a wide range of other safety signs including prohibition signs, hazard signs and more!

High-Quality and Affordable CCTV Signs

At Design Your Sign, we pride ourselves on the fact that we offer the best-quality premium products at affordable prices. Made with high-quality materials such as acrylic, aluminium, or vinyl, you get to choose which security sign you think is perfect for you. You will be looking at different costs depending on the type and size of sign you wish to purchase and the material you want to use. But, you can purchases CCTV signs from our online store for as little as £3. It shouldn’t be expensive to improve your business, and this is why we offer some of the best possible affordability.

Personalised CCTV Signs

Our CCTV warning signs can be customised not only in terms of their material but as in their size and their preferred fixing option such as screws & standoffs or high-performance self-adhesive tape.

It isn't uncommon for people to install a CCTV warning sign even if they don't have any CCTV in operation. This is because the sign is usually more than enough to deter any concerning behaviour. Our signs are vibrant and visible even from a distance. These signs aren't just restricted to commercial use and can also be used for domestic use if needed. Our CCTV signs would make for the perfect addition if you're in an area that's high in crime.

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