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Aluminium Signs

Aluminium signs offer exceptional branding opportunities for businesses of all kinds. Whether you want a sharp looking exterior custom reception sign in the reception area of your office building or want to unify the look of your office with your own custom-made office signs, we’ve got you covered! There are so many applications for high-quality aluminium signs, meaning the only decision left to make is which option is best for your business.

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Aluminium is versatile and perfect when it comes to signs of various sizes. Few signs that tend to use aluminium signs include parking signs, road signs and street signs. This is because these signs are reflective, which means that during the night, they’ll be easily visible. Aluminium signs are also perfect for those who want to add a more exclusive look to their office.

These signs offer high-quality, durability and make for perfect outdoor signs. Here at Design Your Sign, we have a range of aluminium signs. From LED illuminated to aluminium with wood and everything in between. Compared to pure aluminium, brushed aluminium is exceptionally affordable, and yet still gives you a stately look to your sign.

As these are all custom signs, all you need to do is choose a sign and provide us with the text that you’d like printed on. Your logo and slogan can be digitally UV printed, and will be laser cut, weather-proofed, and customised to your specifications.

If you want to add signage or directions to your signs, then you will want to contact us directly so that we can work out the perfect sign for your business in a complimentary 20-minute free design service.

If aluminium signs aren’t for you, why not browse our extensive range of other signs such as custom acrylic signs or wood signs? Or if you’re after something more specific such as restaurant signs, desk signs or fire safety signs, we’re able to customise those for you too!