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Acrylic Signs

Acrylic is an incredibly robust material that is cheap to make and easier to maintain. This is what makes it a great material for signage. Whether you need a sign at the entrance of your office, or you need acrylic signs that help direct clients and guests to where they need to be, here at Design Your Sign, we have a wide range of custom signs to choose from.

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It’s easy to personalise your office signage by adding your logo and branding to solidify your brand image and help make your office look exceptionally professional. We offer a wide variety of acrylic signs ranging from wayfinding signs, tabletop desk signs, wall signage and much more.

A few reasons why Acrylic signs may be one of the best choices when searching for the perfect custom sign:

Low Cost - High-quality acrylic signs are very affordable for businesses to invest in. Whether you need them coloured or clear, acrylic can replicate whatever look or brand you are seeking. They can be used to add to desks, to help guests find where they need to go, and can even be used to improve office communication with employees and guests.


Low Maintainance - Acrylic is incredibly durable and isn’t prone to rust, making it easy to maintain. Acrylic signs are great as outdoor shop signs.

Exceptionally Customisable - You can make your own custom acrylic signs with ease. You can bring in an in-house designer and create your sign for you and then send the vector file to us, or if you need help, we offer a free 20-minute design service to help you get the perfect sign, every time.


Acrylic signs you have personalised for your own company can help unify your brand image, make your company look extremely put-together and professional.